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For hundreds of renowned restaurants, Foodmerica is the food supplier business. As the top distributor of grocery products, online shopping makes things simpler. We know your time is precious and every minute of the day often counts. We execute that's why! You can take a bit of time to do the things you enjoy. From Local Nepali food to Indian food to French cuisine, you can get anything by ordering online, on the smartphone app or on the phone. Sit back then, breathe, and wait until your order arrives.

Foodmerica- Bigger a Dream than only a Business

We aim to empower the home chefs, especially those women who are master chefs at their households but do not get opportunity to earn despite the skills they have in their hands. Also, the people who dreamt to be the best restaurateurs at one time but somewhere lost their dreams amidst the crowds, we wish to empower them. Let us together empower each one of us! Moreover, we aim to win hunger. We all know it very well that food is the basic requirements for survival. Blessed are we who get the food to fill our empty stomach but do we know that most of the people are not as lucky as we are. When the world is going through the massive information and technological shift that even we are getting our food delivered at home just through one click, there are many people who are still fighting hunger. The report published by the Global Report on Food Crises 2020, prior to the emergence of COVID-19 as a pandemic, had estimated that 135 million people in 55 countries were facing acute hunger mainly because of conflict, the effects of climate change, and economic crises. New WFP figures indicate additional 130 million lives and livelihoods will be at risk. When the situation is such then we cannot think only about running the business. Yes, Foodmerica is bigger a dream than only a business. We aim to feed everyone with a mission that no one should go to bed hungry. We want to feed as many as possible. We aim to #WinHunger.


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